Dear Dr. Saz,

A friend of mine is a patient of yours, she told me that you always check her mouth for cancer when she goes in for checkups. Could you explain why and how seri­ous is it.

Respectfully, William R.P

Dear William,

I am so glad that you asked about oral cancer. I have wanted to write about this subject for quite some time and perhaps dedicate more than one issue to this subject. In my opinion oral cancer screening should be #1 REASON to visit YOUR DENTIST FREQUENTLY. 37000 American will be diagnosed with oral and pharyngeal cancer this year( this num­ber world wide is about 640,000 ), 8000 annual death, roughly about one person every hour. About %50 may live over 5 years. If one survives the first occurrence, there is 20 times higher risk of develop­ing a second cancer. %90 of oral cancers are squamous cell carcinoma and annual treatment cost is estimated 3.2 billion dol­lars.

RISK FACTORS: Historically people over forty are at risk but more younger individuals are diagnosed due to human papilloma virus version 16 (HPV16 ). 40 million American have HPV16. There are 120 strains of HVP, %1 are HPV16. There used to be 1 to 6 ratio of men to women but due to change in women’s life style such as increase smoking, drinking and HPV16, the ratio is 1 to 2 now. Oral Cancer can be detected by a dentist (and you) before it becomes dangerous.

For signs and symptoms and more infor­mation, please give us a call at (310) 366-7666.


Many of us have heard of gingivitis, a gum disease, but a more serious form of gum disease is… Periodontitis, which can lead to serious health risks such as:

  • STROKE: Periodontitis may increase the risk of a stroke
  • HEART DISEASE: Adults with periodontitis may have increased risk of fatal heart attack, and they are more likely to be diagnosed with
    cardiovascular disease. Bacteria from the mouth may cause clotting problems in the cardiovascular system.
  • UNCONTROLLED DIABETES: Chronic periodontal disease can disrupt diabetic control. Diabetes can alter the pocket environment,
    contributing to bacterial overgrowth.  Smokers with diabetes increase their risk of tooth loss by 20 times. People with Type II Diabetes are not only at-risk for gum disease, but periodontitis aggravates their diabetes.
  • RESPIRATORY INFECTIONS: Inhaling bacteria from the mouth and throat can lead to pneumonia. Dental plaque build-up creates a dangerous source of bacteria that can be inhaled into the lungs.
  • SEVERE OSTEOPENIA: Reduction in bone mass is associated with gum disease and related tooth loss. Severity has been connected to tooth loss
    in postmenopausal women.
  • PRETERM OR LOW BIRTHWEIGHT BABIES: Women with advanced gum disease may be more likely to give birth to an underweight or preterm baby. Oral microbes can cross the placental barrier exposing the fetus to infection.
  • ULCER AND IMMUNE DEFICIENCY: These are also associated with periodontal disease.

If you have further questions about ADULT PERIODONTITIS and would like a full periodontal evaluation, contact Dr. Amir Saz for this and information on the latest developments in periodontal treatment, give us a call at (310)366-7666 or visit our website at www.gardenadentalgroup.com

Wish No Longer, your dream smile is waiting for you!

Your Teeth’s enamel allows light to pass through in much the same way that glass does. That’s why healthy teeth enamel has such a beautiful luster. The glass-Like nature of fine translucent porcelain veneers allows them to create this same kind of luminous appearance. Yet in spite of this fineness, bacteria resistant veneers can add strength to your enamel, brighten your smile by several shades, and mask flaws.

Cosmetic veneers could give you your dream smile if you are unhappy with the shade or uneven color or mottled appearance of your natural enamel which detracts from an otherwise unpleasant smile.

They can mask the cumulative staining effect from coffee, tee, colas, and tobacco products, or chemical compounds like fluoride and the antibiotic tetracycline as well as rout canal treatment.

If you are unhappy with the shape and proportion of your teeth cosmetic veneers can enhance the appearance of your smile by acquiring more balanced proportions, disguising gaps and spaces, and covering chipped, broken or malformed teeth.

If you feel your teeth have a misaligned appearance, but don’t want to wear braces, this may be an alternative for you to idealize the appearance of slightly rotated,  tipped, or misaligned teeth by using veneers as an instant orthodontics.

What ever you feel, we can work together to determine the best veneer make over strategy for your hand-crafted custom-fitted porcelain veneers.

Be sure to bring your wish list to your initial consultation appointment, we will be happy to help you achieve your brightest smiles!

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Marvelous Mint … More than a breath freshener

You probably associate mint with toothpaste or a breath freshener, but it has been used as an herbal remedy and a spa soother in face packs, foot rubs, and bath soaks. Both peppermint and spearmint are very popular, especially for cooking, and if you’re not a gardener, you can easily find commercially dried leaves.

7 Mint Hints For Your kitchen

  • Steam vegetables with mint in the water.
  • Mix chopped mint with butter for boiled new potatoes.
  • Toss whole mint leaves in cooked rice before serving.
  • Freeze whole mint leaves in ice cubes for tea or lemonade.
  • Make salad dressing with mint, lemon juice, vinegar, and light oil.
  • Garnish desserts, vegetables, or roasts with a couple of sprigs of mint.
  • Chew some fresh mint to cleanse your palate and your breath!




 Common Questions: At what age do children start to lose their baby teeth, and how long does it take until all adult teeth are in place?

Children can start losing their baby teeth anywhere from about the age of 5 to about 7. Usually the two front teeth on the bottom are the first teeth to be replaced. Your second molars typically appear by age 12 to 13. Some people have third molars which are sometimes called “wisdom teeth” these can appear after age 16 and may cause pain or require removal.

It is always a good idea to have your child’s teeth checked atleast once a year to make sure all teeth are growing properly and to prevent furure damage and pricy adjustments.


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Future Dental Technology and Old fashion service is what you will find at Gardena Dental Group’s state of the art facility. 

Gardena Dental Group once known as Gardena Dental Clinic started out as a simple dentist office with one dentist, Dr. Amir Saz.

Throughout the years his techniques, love for dentistry, and smiling caring nature has grown the once little office to larger more sophisticated dental practice with over 30,000 patients leaving with happy smiles. Earning the ranking as the top 1% of all  dentist offices in the U.S.

The state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the most advanced technology available. Offering digital X-Rays that decrease radiation up to 90%, intra-oral cameras, diagnostic lasers, and Zoom!™ the latest tooth whitening echnique. Patients may recognize the brand name Zoom!™ as the whitening procedure preferred by cosmetic dentists on ABC’s hit television show Extreme Makeover.

As America’s first European Dental Design Center, with state of the art computerized operatory and sterilization center. Gardena Dental Group offers complete professional dentistry services for adults and children brought together with the finest equipment available.

You’re sure to leave Dr. Amir’s dental clinic at Gardena Dental Group, knowing your teeth have been professionally worked on by caring hands and feel your smile is healthier, cleaner and ready to take on the world.

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Feeling Nervious? Ask about alternitives

Been thinking about Sadation Dentistry for your next visit?

           In one study, 90% of the patients who experienced fearfulness about dentistry felt more comfortable with sedation … and you may feel no different.

There are two different types of sedation:

           Nitrous oxide, commonly know as laughing gas, is an effective anesthetic with many benefits. This type of sedation dentistry is appropriate for those individuals who are dental phobic, people with a sensitive gag reflex, and people who require surgery, or who require extended and complex treatments.

           Oral sedation (pills) are used for many of our  patients who are needle-phobic. Since with oral sedation patients can often undergo treatment for longer at one sitting, multiple procedures can be completed in fewer visits. Like Nitrous oxide, oral sedation is also very safe, but it lasts for several hours after the appointment. You will need an escort home. 

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry Include:

  • Elimination of fear.
  • Reduction of anxiety.
  • Increased comfort levels.
  • Heightened relaxation.
  • Increased sense of control.

 We know that many people feel anxious when visiting the dentist and we are there to help you determine the best treatment options for you personally.  Give us a call at 310-366-7666 or visit us on line at www.gardenadentalgroup.com to ask your questions and keep your smile bright and pain free. We care about you and your teeth!

Information from newsletter at: http://gardenadental.com/PDF/Newsletter1.pdf